Om Shree Kali Ma...Originally Live 4/21/17

What is Kirtan, and how I found my connection to it...

Over the past years, there is a place where my music (folk-rock, gospel and country-blues, reggae, etc.) finally met my quiet involvement with Eastern philosophies.  Kirtan is an ancient Eastern (Indian, Tibetan, Buddhist) practice of singing mantras to simple melodies.  It is typically done in a call and response format.  For me, using western music as my platform, my charge is to create a place and a sound where people can easily join in the singing of mantras.  Its a vibrational outpouring: the outward vibration of feeling the singing physically in your body and on your lips, and the powerful inner vibration that the mantras offer by singing and chanting them over and over.  We often sing in Sanskrit, and ancient language originally created as a way to be connected with our essential nature.  I find that its a way of speaking to/singing to my spiritual self.


Mantras are one way of creating a wonderful, dynamic meditation practice.  

Mantras can be considered "mind protectors", and at their core help us find a place of concentration, a way to focus our attention on the universal aspects and wonders of life.  

Singing mantras adds the beautiful qualities of musical tones, vibrations within your body, and so importantly, the breath that flows throughout. Plus, its such a Joy to sing and feel the rhythm.  

That's Kirtan...words/mantras in English, from ancient Sanskrit, from Tibetan Buddhism, in Hebrew: words that resonate deep truths about life, and sung from the heart.  

We focus our best intentions on pronunciation, but the most important thing is recognizing the poetry and symbolic qualities that our mind connects to our hearts.  

To get an idea of my version of Kirtan, check out the most recent CDs I recorded:  "Songs For The Space Between: 7 Mantras", and "Keep The Vibration UP!".  


It was such an honor to have you at Toivo yesterday and our community absolutely loved the experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. We look forward to having you return.

With Love and Joy,

Kali Farrell

Holistic Community Coordinator